The range

A complete range, open to more specific needs.

Our range of machines for bulk reduction and recycling of industrial waste, which are diversified and complete, consists of pre-shredders, twin-shaft electric shredders, twin-shaft hydraulic shredders, single shaft shredders, combined systems and mechanical driers. The grinding group for each model is configured according to the material to be shredded, with 1, 2, 4, 7 or 14 hooks, low, average or prominent.


The SK series pre-shredders are equipped with a very aggressive grinding assembly that can deal with heavy loads compared to traditional cutters, and an excellent output sizing for the first stage in waste volume reduction. The “K” models, evolved from standard models, are available in both electric and hydraulic versions.

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The SE series twin-shaft, electrically powered shredder comes in 3 models that can be highly customised to a grinding group level, a loading and unloading system, all very strong in relation to the power they use. The SE 30 model, offered in 4 sizes, represents our top model in the electric machine field and the best to combine price and performance in its category.

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The SH series twin-shaft, hydraulically powered shredder comes in 10 models that can be highly customised to a grinding group level, a loading and unloading system. The available power varies from 37 to 110kW. The control system with constant power regulator allows for very high cutting torques. The machines are quite strong, adapted to serious, extreme tasks like shredding tyres, metal and all materials requiring high power specification.

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