A solid reference point for designing and making industrial shredders.

We design and make machines for bulk reduction and industrial waste recycling. Our specialisation in the shredding field has resulted in a range of equipment manufactured entirely internally, using special UDDEHOLM steels.

The value of precise production, carried out entirely in our establishment.

We manufacture our shredders entirely in our departments, carefully selecting the materials and using the most recent production techniques. We scrupulously oversee all the production stages for each individual component, tracking the detailed life chain of each one so we can faithfully reproduce it at any time. This is the added value of our products.

Heat treatments

The group of grinding shredders consists of blades in a material suitable for shredding needs, selected according to the necessary chemical-physical features. Each group is heat-treated to have endurance levels that allow it to best perform its functions, depending on the right balance between wear and tear and resistance to mechanical forces.


The mechanical details issuing from the department dedicated to size control arrive in the areas set aside for pre-assembly. After the shredding container has been “squared”, we prepare the compacting container, installing the gears, the shaft grips and last, the shafts. When this last has been joined to the upper part, we then mount the grinding assembly.

Operating simulation

We have prepared an area in our establishment where we can experiment with the assembled machinery, equipping it with tools and accessories so our products to simulate operations. The tests can even be carried out with materials the customers have provided, as long as these do not fall into hazardous categories. The equipment consists of:

  • over-belt magnetic separator
  • eddy current separator
  • magnetic pulley
  • rotary screen with different meshes
  • vibrating table
  • conveyor belts
  • densimetric separation systems